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Hello i am chris, songming.
Currently studying in KC high.
I'm 14 in 2o1o ;D i am a childish girl

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 1:03 AM
the last

byebye , agian D:
gonna close this blog agian , sorry ):
* too many people dont understand what did i wrote ==*
i will changed to wretch , and use chinese to post .

tmr morning start marching ugh :X
6.20 i reach schl
6.40 finish breakfast with ah yann
6.45 go to B block 3th floor take class records then go down to C block 1st floor
6.50 reach 2F , throw my bag to my seat
6.55 meet wai yee at gate C , we run to basketball court
7.00 ngam ngam hou the times up :D   START MARCHING

this will be the last post (:
the last , bye


Saturday, January 23, 2010, 5:16 AM

i F-O-U-N-D my phn cable :D

picture here x)



choco strawberry :D

dragon fruit + mix berries :]


 body rock , agian :O

the present for chiew cheng :)



my TEE.



hui ying :)

bad romance -.-

us .



眼角 有一滴東西 用淚珠的形狀 墜落


Friday, January 22, 2010, 11:19 PM

just came back frm schl ,
1.00 - 3.00
wth of today D:  first time so late to back home in saturday
tired till gonna siao
the activity was fun (:
and a lot of things happen :D
saw a girl who was last year same bus with me
* she was turn-ed schl dy
in bus , arguing :D  me & xin yann VS a korean 
he keep kacau-ing the prefect who sat infront of him
we [me , yann , prefect , the girls sat behind of us ] all keeping laugh-laugh and laugh
and chat chat chat
ahah , he call lee "zheng he"  [if you studied the history of junior1 , you will understand what did i mean]
he told me he was call 'zheng he' one XD
you know zheng he ? if dont know , check in ur junior1 history textbook
* p/s : not sejarah , is history
hahahaha , maybe you could not understand what did i ngap
suan liao , just a joke :D
diditfun? ithinkso :D

blah, tired.
i need sleeeeeeep :X


4:03 AM
eww ):

oh no NO NO NO NO NO 

my phn cable was lost , again TT
my picture was cnnt upload awh
to everyone , sorryyyyyyyyy ):
my cable was always hilang one
it dont like me ?  so it want 离家出走 ?
choyyyyyy :P

wishes tmr ,
byee TT


Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 6:26 AM
i need you :)

since this tuesday ,
i got a gorgor (:   she's ah yann rann
she's nice  , bwahahaha

yesterday we got a geografy period
i saw the new teacher was came
and she's damn kindly
of course , she was a malay
but the special is SHE CAN SPEAK IN CHINESE
we chat with her in chinese weee :D
i love her , she's better than the before geo teacher :X
she told us she will get marry on 6th june
us . teacher
teacher , invite us go to ur wedding laah ~
sure ! i must invite you all go thr :D
oh hahaa , we want VIP wor  , okay ??
errr .. hahaa :P
when we knew she was can speak chinese , we all was getting to siao :D
see, she's cute right xD
hahaa, i was in kc computer room now
p/s: i was hungry too ):

for gorgor,
thanks for always sms me laah :D
you're so cute and nice :]
ahaa , got 'gan dong' dao? XD

for you,
thanks for accompany me back home
tht's was the best memory for me :)
he rang me up last night ,  we chat chat chat :D
thanks (: ily


Monday, January 18, 2010, 4:01 AM
you are the only one

cuteeeeeee :D

-  -  - -

the post of yesterday will delay to saturday or sunday ):
because of i was no times to write it . i took many pictures , and i was lazy to upload :X
hahs, today went schl as usual
but today was not have assembly :D
oh yeah .      i hate assembly  D:   the hall was hot and sempit -.-
all jr1 and jr2 was has a class meeting in classes .
i'll be the recorder person   and  my monitor was the chairman
oh hahahaaaa :D
we discussing about the new year activity on this saturday
after school , cadet got a meeting too
emm .. that was quite funny when we was discussing :D
our meeting until 4.30 , then mary accompanied me take monorial
thanks mary :)

buhh-byee :]


Sunday, January 17, 2010, 6:48 AM
fallen for you

sien urh ..
yuu told me , she saw foo ming choong in sunway -.-
and he say hi to yuu , Lol

erm .. just back to home wey
tired .
update will be tmr .
P.S: my hw havent finish awh TT